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Types and reasons of defective cartridges

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Types and reasons of defective cartridges
Latest company news about Types and reasons of defective cartridges

Cartridge cost only takes a small part in the whole cost of a cannabis oil brand customer, but the cartridge is very critical for users to consume CBD or THC oil.


Many customers had headaches finding a satisfied cartridge supplier. Local distributors and big Chinese factories are expensive, Chinese small factory is much cheaper, but finding a good quality and reliable one is not easy. A reliable small cartridge factory supplier becomes an advantage in the current competition.


Most quality problems happen during testing, try order, and first order. Here are the common quality problems and reasons lead to them.


Problem: Leakage
Reason: Sealing, hole size choosing, and filling method.


Problem: No-work
Reason: Short-circuit or open circuit.


Problem: Burning taste
Reason: The balance between burning speed and oil soaking speed.


Problem: Break & fell apart
Reason: Material quality and dimensional tolerance.


Problem: Clog
Reason: Hole size choosing and oil soaking.


There are other defective problems such as bubble, oil inhales to mouth, oil change color. All these problems are related to hole size choosing, structure, material, process, and QC. A good defective rate is under 0.3% according our experience.


Most hemp extractors, cannabis vape brands owner are familiar with the production process of concentrations, distillates, live resins, shatters, but have no idea how to find a good cartridge. Ask for a whole bunch of different cartridge samples from different factories and testing, waste a lot of money yet still didn't find a proper option.


Our factory has solved the problems mentioned above, welcome to contact us if you still have any problems in finding a good cartridge.

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